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1.1. "Tournament" refers to a three-to-five-player esports competition.

1.2. Each tournament is assigned a unique number (referred to as the "season" in the following text).

1.3. EPC eCricket tournaments are held daily throughout the calendar year.

1.4. The term "Calendar year" refers to the period between January 1 and December 31. Each calendar year consists of twelve months (stages).

1.5. The top five players in the group are determined each month based on their performance.

1.6. Tournaments may be played on personal computers (hereafter referred to as PCs) or the PlayStation gaming platform (hereafter referred to as PS).

1.7. All tournaments are played in the licensed version of the "Cricket" simulator by Nacon & Big Ant Studios (henceforth referred to as "Cricket"). Players compete in the "Play Now" mode ("FIVES" match type) on the following difficulty settings:

   a) AI: "LEGEND";

   b) BATTING: "HARD";

   c) BOWLING: "HARD";




1.8. Tournaments are only open to players over the age of 18. All participants are required to have the proper credentials and permission from the organizers.

Tournaments are held in fixed, specialized esports venues, and both players and organizers must adhere to all health and hygiene regulations.


2.1. Using the online draw method, each competitor is assigned to one team with the current lineup at the time of competition within the tournament's parameters.

2.2. EPC eCricket tournaments are round-robin, with players competing in two rounds of one-on-one play.

2.3. If more than five players wish to compete in the same tournament, they are split into two groups ("Group A" and "Group B") and play in two separate tournaments.

2.4. The winner of the match is determined by the total number of runs after the completion of two innings. Each inning has a five-over limit. Each over is restricted to six innings. Each team has five wickets in a match.

2.5. If, after two innings, both teams have scored the same number of runs, a draw is declared, and the teams then play a superover consisting of two innings. There are a maximum of six innings per frame. Each team in a super over has two wickets.

2.6. If, at the end of the two main innings, both teams had the same number of wickets and, at the end of the superover, both teams scored the same number of runs, the match is considered a draw, and the current score is entered into the standings. Otherwise, the team with fewer wickets in the two main innings wins.

2.7. Following the conclusion of the match, the outcome is recorded in the tournament's statistics.


3.1. Each competitor plays two matches against every other competitor in the tournament.

3.2. The player is awarded points based on the outcome of the match:

   a) 3 points for a win.

   b) 1 point for a draw.

   c) 0 points for defeat.

3.3. If the match can't be played or finished because of "force majeure" (Section 5), the competitors don't get any points.

3.4. If the match was interrupted for technical reasons, the results of the players at the time of the interruption are entered into the standings and considered when determining the winner of the tournament.

3.5. If two or more players have scored the same number of points, the winner of the tournament and all other positions are determined as follows:

   a) by the number of runs scored in all tournament matches.

   b) by the fewest number of wickets lost throughout all tournament matches.

   c) by the number of runs and lost wickets in matches between tournament competitors who scored the same number of runs.

   d) by the fewest number of lost wickets in matches between competitors who scored an equal number of runs in the tournament.

3.6. The official tournament statistics are updated online and include the results of every match.


4.1. Each month, the top five players among all tournament participants are determined based on their performance (henceforth referred to as the "Top 5" ranking).

4.2. Players who have competed in over twenty tournaments per month are eligible for the "Top 5" ranking.

4.3. When assigning positions in the "Top-5" Rating, the following criteria are considered:

   a) The monthly winning percentage.

   b) the most runs scored at the conclusion of all matches.

   c) the fewest lost wickets at the conclusion of all matches.


5.1. If the scheduled match cannot be played due to technical issues, it is deemed to be canceled.

5.2. Matches that have been canceled are not rescheduled and remain in the "Canceled" status.

5.3. If, due to technical issues, it is no longer possible to conduct the match, the match is considered to have been interrupted. Matches that are interrupted are not rescheduled; their status remains "Interrupted."

5.4. The match may be restarted in the following circumstances, assuming the error was discovered before the score was opened:

   a) If the match did not begin according to schedule.

   b) if the team selection was incorrect.

   c) if the team rosters were compiled incorrectly.

   d) if the wrong "red" or "blue" side was chosen.

5.5. In all other instances, the match will be deemed canceled.

5.6. If the assigned player is unable to participate in the match due to force majeure, the player is either replaced in advance or immediately, depending on the circumstances. If a substitution is not possible, the tournament is played without the previously announced participant.

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