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1.1. A tournament refers to an esports competition between three and five players.

1.2. Each tournament is provided with a unique number (hereinafter referred to as "Season").

1.3. EPC eBasketball tournaments are held daily throughout the calendar year.

1.4. The phrase "Calendar Year" refers to the period between January 1 and December 31. Each year is comprised of twelve months (stages).

1.5. The group's top five players are determined at the end of each month.

1.6. All tournaments are held on the PlayStation gaming console.

1.7. Tournaments are held in the game environment of the licensed version of the basketball simulator "NBA" from the publisher 2K Sports (hereinafter - NBA) using the additional mode "EuroLeague." Participants compete in "Quick Play" mode on the "Custom" difficulty level.

1.8. Tournaments are open to players over the age of 18. All participants must have the event organizers' proper credentials and approval.

1.9. All tournaments are held at specialized stationary esports venues, and both participants and organizers must comply with all sanitary and hygienic norms.


2.1. As part of the tournament, each participant is assigned to one team with the current composition at the time of the competition, using an online draw.

2.2. The EPC eBasketball tournaments are held in a round-robin system, with participants playing in two rounds on an "every man for every man" basis.

2.3. If there are more than five participants wishing to take part in the same tournament, the participants are divided into two groups ("Group A" and "Group B") and play two separate tournaments.

2.4. The result is entered into the tournament statistics by the end of the main time. The winner of the match is also determined within the main game time. The result is entered into the tournament statistics by the end of the main time. The winner of the match is also determined within the main game time.

2.5. Regular time consists of four quarters of five minutes, for a total of twenty minutes of playing time. The duration of one overtime (extra time) is three minutes of playing time. Game time is the equivalent of actual time.

2.6. If the match ends in a "Tie" within the main game time, the competitors play extra time until one of them completes overtime with a one or more point advantage. The number of overtime in a match is unlimited.


3.1. Each participant plays two matches against every other participant in the tournament (one match—"at home," and one match—"away").

3.2. According to the results of all matches played in the tournament, the percentage of victories of each participant is calculated.

3.3. If, in connection with the circumstances of force majeure (Section 5), it is not possible to hold or complete the match, the participants are added to 0% of the total percentage of wins.

3.4. If the match was interrupted for technical reasons, the result of the participants at the moment when it was interrupted is entered in the tournament table (section "Points") and taken into account when determining the tournament's winner.

3.5. If two participants have the same percentage of wins, the winner of the tournament and all other places in the tournament table are distributed as follows:

    a) by the number of earned points in all meetings held within the tournament.

    b) by the difference between earned and lost points in all meetings held within the tournament.

3.6. The results of all matches are entered into the official tournament statistics, updated online.


4.1. At the end of each month, the top five players (hereinafter the "Top-5" Rating) are determined among all the participants in the competition.

4.2. Players participating in more than thirty monthly tournaments can get into the "Top 5".

4.3. When distributing places in the "Top 5," the following criteria are taken into account:

    a) a percentage of wins per calendar month.

    b) by the number of points earned in all meetings held during the calendar month.


5.1. If a scheduled match cannot be played due to technical problems, the match is canceled.

5.2. Cancelled matches are not rescheduled; they retain their "Cancelled" status.

5.3. If a match has technical problems and can no longer be played, the match is canceled. Interrupted matches are not rescheduled; they are kept in "Interrupted" status.

5.4. A match may be resumed in the cases described below, provided that the error was detected before the opening of the score and/or the end of the first quarter:

    a) If the game did not begin according to the schedule.

    b) If the team was incorrectly chosen.

    c) If the team lineup was incorrectly defined.

    d) If the home/away side was incorrectly chosen.

5.5. In other cases, a match like this will be canceled.

5.6. If, due to force majeure circumstances, the declared player can not participate in the match, depending on the circumstances, an early or urgent replacement of the player is carried out. If it is impossible to make a replacement, the tournament is played without the previously declared player.

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