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1.1. The term "Tournament" refers to an esports competition in which three to five esports players take part. 

1.2. Each tournament is assigned a unique number ("Season").

1.3. EPC eFighting tournaments are held daily throughout the calendar year.

1.4. The term "Calendar year" means the period lasting from January 1 to December 31. Each calendar year consists of twelve months (stages).

1.5. At the end of each month, the top five players in each group are determined.

1.6. Tournaments can be held on personal computers (hereinafter - PC) or PlayStation (hereinafter - PS) gaming platforms.

1.7. All tournaments are held in the game environment of the licensed version of the MMA simulator "EA Sports UFC 4" from the publisher EA Sports (hereinafter - UFC). Participants compete in "Fight Now" mode on the "Legendary" difficulty level.

1.8. Esports players must be at least 18 years old to compete in tournaments.  All participants must have the appropriate accreditation and clearance from the organizers.

1.9. Tournaments are held at specialized stationary esports venues, and both participants and organizers must comply with all sanitary and hygiene standards.



2.1. EPC eFighting tournaments are held in a round-robin system, with participants playing against each other in two rounds.

2.2. If there are more than five participants wishing to take part in the same tournament, the participants are divided into two groups ("Group A" and "Group B") and play two separate Tournaments.

2.3. As part of the competition, each participant is assigned one fighter character by lottery, which at the time of the tournament has a certain current rating.

2.4. The term "Playing Time" refers to three rounds that consist of fifteen minutes of playing time, which is the equivalent of fifteen minutes of actual time. 

2.5. The winner of the fight is determined by the results of three rounds within game time. The decision on the victory is made by the electronic simulation of judges in the game environment. Decisions of electronic simulation of judges are based on the facts of the dominance of fighters in each specific round and in the fight as a whole.

2.6. The fight may end early if one of the participants succeeds before the end of game time:

a) knock out the opponent;

b) injure the opponent in such a way that he will not be able to continue the fight;

c) force the opponent to surrender through an effective painful or suffocating hold.

2.7. If at the end of three rounds, the judges' electronic simulation determines the fight's outcome as "Tie," such a result is scored and recorded in the standings as "Tie."

2.8. At the end of game time, the result of the fight is entered into the standings.



3.1. Each contestant plays two duels with every other contestant in the tournament (one bout "in the red corner" and one bout "in the blue corner").

3.2. The player is assigned points following the fight:

a) for a win - 3 points

b) for a tie -1 point 

c) 0 points for defeat

3.3. If, due to force majeure circumstances (Section 5), it is not possible to hold or complete the fight, the contestants will be awarded 0 points each.

3.4. If at the end of the tournament, two or more participants have an equal number of points, the winner, as well as all other places in the tournament table, is determined by the number of rounds played in duels with all opponents. 

3.5. The results of all fights are entered in the official tournament statistics, which are updated online.



4.1. At the end of each month, the top five players are determined among all competitors (hereinafter - the "Top 5" Rating).

4.2. Players who have participated in more than twenty tournaments in a month can get into the "Top 5" Rating.

4.3. The following criteria are considered when allocating places in the Top 5 Rankings:

a) The monthly winning percentage

b) the number of rounds played in duels with all opponents in a calendar month.



5.1. If the scheduled bout cannot be held due to technical problems, the bout is canceled.

5.2. Canceled fights are not rescheduled, they retain their "Canceled" status.

5.3. If, in the course of the fight, there are technical problems and it is no longer possible to hold it, the fight is canceled. Interrupted bouts are not rescheduled, they retain the status "Interrupted."

5.4. The fight may be restarted in the cases described below, provided that the error was detected within the first 75 seconds of the round and the probability of an early victory or the fact of clear dominance of one of the participants is absent:

a) The fighter character is not chosen according to the declared schedule;

b) the fight's participant lineup differs from what is stated in the schedule;

c) The "red corner" or "blue corner" side was chosen incorrectly.

5.5. In other cases, the fight will be considered canceled.

5.6. If, due to force majeure circumstances, the declared player can not take part in a duel, depending on the circumstances, early or urgent replacement of the player is carried out. If it is impossible to make a replacement, the tournament is played without the previously declared player.

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