Matches canceled

Dear viewers!

Forced to report that the matches: EPC Spain Cyber Cup FIFA22: - 13:14 Barcelona (oggkara) - Villarreal (ZORO); - 13:14 Sevilla (Radikal) - Atletico Madrid (Scar91); - 13:28 Barcelona (oggkara) - Real Madrid (sofa); - 13:28 Villarreal (ZORO) - Atletico Madrid (Scar91); EPC Western Cyber Conference NBA2K22: - 13:12 L.A. Lakers (UncleBan) - Phoenix Suns (Purple_boy); EPC Top Bastard Belt UFC: - 13:20 N. Abbasov (hanzo) - A. Volkanovski (anymore); EPC Pakistan Cyber Cup CRICKET22: - 13:24 Peshawar Pride (Domerion) - Quetta Fighters (Rebel); Were canceled due to maintenance. This matches will not be replayed or played!

With respect!

EPC team

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