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EPC Updates Basketball Simulator

Dear сommunity,

We have some exciting news! The Euroleague Mode for NBA 2K24 is finally out, and starting from November 13th, all EPC eBasketball Euroleague events will be transferred to NBA 2K24. However, note that the overall number of events and the schedule will remain unchanged.

The Euroleague has been gaining substantial traction worldwide, with a dedicated fan base and an expanding market. Although Euroleague teams are not officially included in NBA 2K24, it is made possible with the community project, which highlights the demand and enthusiasm within the fan base, generating hopes for an authentic Euroleague gaming experience.

This is a serious step set to elevate EPC eBasketball tournaments to a new level, as they will have access to all the benefits of the latest version of the game. We are confident that the following year with NBA 2K24 will shake things up!


Team EPC


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