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EPC Transforms the League's Structure

Dear сommunity!

We would like to inform you, that following the opening of the new arena in Croatia, we’ve decided to revamp Esport Pro Club structure to feature two conferences.

From now on Ukrainian Conference will feature eCricket and eFutsal tournaments, while Croatian Conference will host eFootball and eBasketball Euroleague competitions, as was mentioned before.

The Esports Association of Croatia (ESUH) will take over ensuring fair play standards within the Croatian Conference, while the Ukrainian Cybersports Events Federation (UCEF) will continue to observe the Ukranian Conference. We are sure, that their teamwork will bring EPC tournaments to the highest possible level of quality.

This decision stems from our ambition to emerge as a prominent figure in the international esports scene, a goal we are pursuing by adopting best practices from leading global esports organizations. The separation’s main objective is to create a separate internal infrastructure for every Conference, thereby facilitating development despite language and geographical barriers.


Team EPC

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