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EPC Takes Over New Cricket Simulator

Dear сommunity,

Exciting changes are coming to EPC! Starting on November 13th, all EPC eCricket tournaments will shift to the latest game in a series, Cricket 24. Bear in mind that the total number of events, as well as the schedule will remain the same.

Cricket 24 introduces several new gameplay mechanics that challenge batting and bowling skills and strategies. The game features a new powerplay system, allowing players to decide when to activate the powerplay to maximize their runs. Additionally, there’s a new Risk and Reward system. Players can now choose between executing safe shots or opting for a potentially high-scoring shot that comes with greater risk.

The upgrade to Cricket 24 also promises a more engaging spectator experience, with improved graphics and animations bringing the virtual stadium to life. We’re excited to see how these advancements will enhance the competitive atmosphere and create memorable moments for everyone involved.


Team EPC


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